Bridal Trial


Bridal Trial


Meet with Anna & Lina – your very own personal Hair & Make-up stylists at our Elegant Boutique Studio or at your chosen location.

During trial consultation we will discuss your face shape, colouring and style with you to create a Picture Perfect look for you Wedding Day.

Don’t worry if you do not have a bridal veil or headpiece, we can easily work around that for you. Also, maybe wear a light colour (if possible), not black to get a good idea of how it will look against the colours you will be wearing on the day. Bring bridal pictures of what you like,it can really help you to explain yourself.

The Trial is 1/2- 2 hours long, giving you the opportunity to share your ideas, try out some styles and create your desired look.

You are more than welcome to bring one person that you trust to help you decide (ie mum or sister or best friend!) It is often a good support to have someone that can be vocal for you.

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