Bridesmaids Bridal Hair & Makeup In London, Sussex & Surrey

If you are looking for the finest bridal hair and make up in London then you are in the right place.

Bridal hair and make up are our speciality, so give us a call and we will make you feel excited about the possibilities that are available for your big day. You are in safe hands with us as we have decades of experience and there is nothing we can’t do, with any type of hair.

Call right away and we can start to discuss your dreams and requirements for your special day. Then we can set about putting a timeline together. This will show how we are going to have everything ready for you in good time on your wedding day.

First would look to book your trial consultation so that it falls 1 to 3 months prior to your wedding day. This way we have enough time to get you fully prepared. If you would prefer to have it earlier or later that is also fine we are here to accommodate you and your plans. You can also have more than one trial or consultation for your bridal hair and make up in London. In fact you can have as many as you wish until your vision is perfect. We are here to support you and make your dream become reality. You will feel happy and confident with your perfect result in good time for your amazing day.

There is no need to settle on first look created. With an option of more trials we can take photographs so you can take them away to show your family and friends. This way you will be completely satisfied with how you’re going to look.

If you have a specific look that you are confident in then we are quite happy to arrive on the day and perfect it. Equally if you are happy for us to direct the style, you can rely on our intuitive nature and skills that will bring about a natural glowing look on the day of your wedding. We want you to feel relaxed as it is important to us that you enjoy your wedding day.

We have a great record of successful services for bridal hair and make up in London. Get in touch now.

We provide stunning bridal hair and make up in and around London. Whether you want classic glamour, natural or boho chic we can implement any style with any hair. Will use all the latest premium products from brands such as Mac cosmetics (our favourites), Chanel, Benefit and Lancôme.

If you are looking for the best bridal hair and make up in London then please get in touch via our contact page. All the styles of bridal hair and make up on our site have been made by us in London.