Mother Of The Bride Packages – Bridal Hair London, Surrey & Sussex

I think we can all agree that hair and make up are some of if not the most important factors on your wedding day.
At Anna Jones we completely understand this. We specialise in making your day the best it possibly can be. And the key to this is preparation and teamwork!

You are in safe hands with Anna Jones Bridal Hair London! We are passionate professionals with many years experience. Why leave it to chance and you can have perfection.

Your hair will feel secure but never feel bothersome. Your hair and make up should compliment your address and make you feel angelic and celestial. If you need more volume or length then we can help you with padding, wefts or her extensions. Your hair will be well styled and sexy. We will put you at your ease so you can feel great about yourself.

We will need a detailed conversation with you to get a timeline in place leading up to your wedding. We will also need to discuss at length your dream hair.

We are known throughout London and surrounding areas for our bridal hair services. We have performed countless successful weddings over our many years of service. Our reputation spreads far and wide employing the most up to date and elegant styles.

If you need any hints, tips or just have some questions then we are always on hand throughout the whole process. We are available via email, text, phone and even Skype at most times. So we can put your fears to rest even if we’re not there with you.

We will help you choose which accessories will give your hair and the most support and glamour. We will give you tips on when to colour and what are the best products for your specific and unique her type. We will guide you right through the whole process.

At the trial stage you will have the opportunity to bring to life your ideas and perfect them before the big day. We will match them with your make up selections and fuse them together into a unique and special combination.

The trial can be as long as you wish. There is no need to feel pressured we have all the time in the world for you. Perfection cannot be rushed! We want you to feel at ease that you have all the time you need to create your perfect look.

Everything will be ready on time! We will provide you with an in-depth timeline so you can see everything taking shape and know that everything is taken care of. We can even provide you with the techniques that we use so you can have fun at home. We want you to express yourself as well as giving valuable and positive advice.

Our passion is to have you looking better than you ever thought possible. So you look incredible in all of your photos and videos from your special day

If you want the best bridal hair London and indeed the country has to offer then please get in contact now via our contact page.